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What a couple!

Dom & Tom - 19/08/2017
Ever since the first call with Dominique and Tom, I've been in love with these guys. For the first meet, they took me to this awesome little hidden place in Antwerp with a giant decap organ which every 20 minutes flavored our conversation with a nostalgic touch . Tom was late, so I found out a little about the history of Dominique. He had the life books are written about. Originally from Canada he became a high level professional dancer in New York, moved to Paris to work as a successful fashion designer for big brands and then met the love of his life in Antwerp. After spending too much money on the Brussels/Paris Thalys for a while, he decided to leave everything in Paris. Now he is running a small bed and breakfast in the heart of Brussels to be closer to Tom. When Tom arrived I knew I had to shoot these guys' wedding. The energy they have together is something to be jealous of. I cancelled a trip I planned for that week and when I got the schedule for their wedding day, I knew this was gonna be special :)
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To go from location to location, we were accompanied by a live orchestra!
We stopped at a little jazz bar to have a small reception with live music.
Ofcourse, the entrence at the venue was spectacular.


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